Welcome to Live & Let Eat. A place where I document recipes I've made based around simple food that kicks butt. Have a nice stay!

Welcome to Live & Let Eat

Welcome to Live & Let Eat

Welcome to Live & Let Eat! 

My name is John Watt and I have a massive passion for food, mainly eating it!  Born and raised in Te Awamutu New Zealand, I grew up watching my mother cook and bake all sorts of amazing homemade treats.  Mothers cooking is always the best! 

I was 22 when I got my first kitchen job. I always knew that I wanted to be a chef and that first job confirmed that! Ten years later after travelling and living the UK and have been through different roles from kitchen hand to head chef I find myself in Melbourne. I love this city and it is full of inspiration for any foodie or chef. 

I hope Live & Let Eat gives you a different insight to food, food preparation, cooking, shopping smart and much more.

Here you will find...

  • Recipes that can easily be cooked at home

  • Recipes that are affordable

  • Recipes that will have everyone wanting more

  • Recipes that will make you look like you know how to cook like a champ

Live & Let Eat! 

Pulled chicken chimichangas fully loaded

Pulled chicken chimichangas fully loaded